Stud Dogs
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CTW BRONZE DRAKE  -  All American Team 2013
Dec. '09     Brindle    78lbs.
Lonesome Cry/ CTW Outa Sight

From the beginning "Drake" showed talent and we knew he was going
to be something special.  Because of his age we did not take him to
the nationals and sent him directly to Wheeling.

Drake broke his hock in his first morning schooling there and one of
our help said he wanted him for a pet.  After noticing Drake not limping
on the leg they started to work him back into racing shape.

Apparently Drake wasn't wanting to be a couch potatoe quite yet
and went right up the ladder from then on to have a stellar year
and be named to the first team of the All American Team 2013.

He has been brought home for some R&R and we have collected
some for breeding.  Drake is now back at Wheeling and just won
a AA at four years of age...what a dog!

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June '05      W.T.Dk.Bd.    73lbs.
Flying Penske/Dalcash Destiny*