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  Box To Box           5/16ths

Lonesome Cry/Shelbourne Jess* - 8/27/12
CTW Night Fury
CTW Gronckle
CTW Changewing

CTW Countin Money/CTW Pop A Wheely - 9/12/12
CTW A Team
CTW Aftershock
CTW Alhambra
CTW Adsila Jo

Lonesome Cry/Quick Trent - 10/30/12
CTW Aja Evans
CTW Clair Bediz
CTW Meryl Davis

Lonesome Cry/CTW Sweet Trent - 11/03/12
CTW Yes Man
CTW Yack Attack

Trent Lee/CTW Powder Base - 11/09/12
CTW Picatinney
CTW Pipe Down
CTW Got PIzzazz
CTW Prime Focus
CTW Pristina

Lonesome Cry/Fuzzys Coral Sea - 11/20/12
CTW Zen Master

Lonesome Cry/CTW Make It Work - 12/14/12
CTW Nitrous
CTW Nolan
CTW Noah
CTW Nero
CTW Notgonnabeg

Lonesome Cry/CTW Fanny Flash - 12/22/12
CTW Klondike
CTW Kupcake
CTW Kit Kat

Djays Octane/CTW Pole Dancer - 2/02/13
CTW Olayinka